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The Grading System

Grading (exams for the different coloured belts) are held at the club every 4 months.

Dates for these grading will be on our list of events issued every January.

Members can take all the gradings up to the belt just before the black belt (1st Kyu) at the club.

Black belt gradings are not done at the club level. They are conducted by examiners from the Toyakwai Karate Association at a different venue.

Everyone who starts karate does so as a white belt (10th Kyu). The progression is as follows:

  • Red belt                                  9th Kyu

  • Orange belt                            8th Kyu

  • Yellow belt                              7th kyu

  • Green belt                              6th Kyu

  • purple belt                             5th Kyu

  • Blue belt                                4th Kyu

  • Brown belt                             3rd Kyu

  • Brown belt 1 red stripe         2nd Kyu

  • Brown belt 2 red stripes       1st Kyu

  • Black belt                              1st Dan (Shodan)

  • Black belt                              2nd Dan (Nidan)

  • Black belt                              3rd Dan (Sandan)

  • Black belt                              4th Dan (Yondan)

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