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Cayden Tickner was a member of our club. Sadly he got a rare form of cancer in his brain. The tumor was aggressive and caused Cayden to lose his sight. 

Cayden endured two operations to remove the tumor along with radio and chemotherapy. Throughout all this, he remained an upbeat and happy child. Even following the loss of his sight Cayden would still attend the club when he felt well enough to do so. Sadly Cayden lost his fight with cancer at just 11 years of age.

Cayden's Grandfather Richard Hart asked if the club would like to do something in Cayden's memory and so the Cayden Tickner

fighting spirit award was born.


This award is given to a member of the club who shows "fighting spirit". This can be demonstrated in a number of ways. The award is given 3 times a year coinciding with the gradings and can be won by any member regardless of rank or experience. 

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