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DOJO ETIQUETTE (How to behave while in the training hall)



Proper etiquette is an aspect of karate that is derived from its Japanese heritage and a very important part of your karate training.



  1. Bow on entering and leaving the dojo

  2. Always address instructors as “sensei” whilst in the dojo.

  3. “oss” is a sign of respect  and is typically used in the following situations:


   Upon receiving instruction from sensei, students should reply “oss”.

   When bowing at the beginning and end of the lesson.

   When bowing to your partner before kumite.

   In other appropriate situations such as grading or competitions.

  1. Members should not leave the dojo without first getting permission.

  2. Members arriving late should take up a kneeling position at the entrance to the dojo and wait for permission to join the class. After receiving permission, they should then bow before joining the class.

  3. Karate-gi’s must be kept clean and in good order.

  4. Finger and toenails must be kept clean and short.

  5. Long hair must be tied back using a band and all jewellery must be removed for training. If it cannot be removed, it must be taped up.

  6. As a member of Chalkstone Karate Club, you must not behave in a manner offensive to the etiquette of the dojo.

  7. Members must not behave in a manner that will bring the name of the club, association or shotokan karate into disrepute.

  8. Members should make sure they have used the toilet prior to the start of the lesson so they do not disrupt the class by needing to go after it has started.

  9. Members should not talk whilst instruction is being given.

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