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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can anybody learn Karate?
    Most able bodied people can learn Karate although we would request to be made aware of any health issues or the extent of any disabilities prior to your first lesson.
  • What should I wear?
    You should wear loose fitting clothing to allow you move without restriction. We do not advise wearing shorts. In accordance with the tradition of Karate, we train barefoot so footwear is not required. Footwear may only be worn if a student has a verrucca or any other contagious foot ailment.
  • How much does it cost?
    Costs for 2020 are as follows: Lessons are £3 for 1 hour and £5 for 2 hours per session, per person. (for 3 or more family members, discounts may be available) Licences are £35 per year Karate suits (GI) are between £20 and £35 depending on size.
  • When do I need a licence and why do I need one ?
    Everyone who practices Karate must have a licence. This entitles you to insurance cover and ensures you abide and are protected by rules governing Karate training as set out by the World United Karate Federation. You will need to purchase a licence within the first 4 tweeks of your training.
  • Where do I get my Gi from ?
    The club sells Gi's to members of the correct type with badges embriodered on them. We operate a part exchange scheme for childrens sizes in good condition. You should purchase your Gi within the first 2 months of joining.
  • Will I be fighting an opponent like you see on TV ?
    We DO NOT at any time use 'full contact fighting'. Your training will involve working with another club member to practice techniques and you will be taught to spar under close supervision of the instructor.
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